Why do some species thrive in the city? What threats do they face, and how do they adapt? In this course you will learn about city birds, what makes them so interesting, and practice some basic birding skills by getting to know the species you are most likely to find in the cities and backyards of southern Ontario. You don't have to leave the city to start birding!


Module 1: Birds and the City
  • Challenges in the city and how birds are affected
  • How to improve our impact on birds
Module 2: Birding 101
  • How to identify birds
  • Birding resources
Module 3: Common Birds of the City
  • Identification sheets
  • Identification quizzes
  • Bird songs
Bonus Content
  • Summary lecture with Q&A
  • Scavenger hunt to use when teaching birding to kids

Hi, I'm Mallory!

I grew up in a small town, but moved to Toronto for university and have loved the city ever since. I have a Masters in Forest Conservation from the University of Toronto, and I've been working at the High Park Nature Centre since 2011.

When I started at the Nature Centre trees were my main thing, but over the years I have developed a keen interest in birds. Though I am no bird expert, I'm here to prove that birding doesn't need to be intimidating! All you need is an interest and willingness to look around and listen.


Why do some birds love the city?

Learn about threats cities pose to birds and how some species have adapted.

Which birds come to feeders?

Learn about the common feeder birds and attract them to your bird feeder.

How do you identify birds?

Learn the basics of birding and practice your skills with ID sheets and quizzes.