Even if we can't meet in person, we can explore nature together this summer!
Our Online Summer Camps are designed for kids ages 6-12.

Nature Detectives (Forensics in the Forest)

In this course we will become nature detectives, solving mysteries using clues left behind by animals. We will check out animal tracks, listen to bird calls, move like animals, look for animal homes, and even identify scat. Zoom meetings will be full of sharing, storytelling, and games. We will also provide resources and tips for exploring nature out on your own.

The DIY version of our Online Summer Camp includes:

  1. A theme to explore on your own schedule. New content will be released each day of the camp.
  2. Extended learning options to do from home, like crafts, recipes, games, and scavenger hunts

At the High Park Nature Centre's we want all kids to get the chance to experience the joy that nature can bring. If you require financial assistance to sign up for this Online Summer Camp, please apply to the Happy Camper Fund Bursary!

Click here to apply to the Happy Camper Fund Bursary.

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DIY version of Nature Detectives


  • Extended learning activities
Identify tracks!

Footprints help us tell a story about an animal; how big it was, where it was going, where it was coming from, and even how it was feeling!

Practice bird calls!

Being an animal detective means using all your senses, and hearing is one of the best! Develop your detective ears by learning and practicing bird calls.

Move like an animal!

To truly understand an animal you have to MOVE like that animal! Learn about different ways animals move, and then try it out yourself!


What is the extent of parent/caregiver involvement in these online programs?

It’s up to you! Campers will likely need some assistance signing into Teachable, but after that they are welcome to explore things in Teachable on their own, or with a parent present.

How do the Online Summer Camps align with social / physical distancing?

More than anything, we care about the health and safety of our participants, staff and larger community. Our programming will continue to be responsive to the calls for social and physical distancing from Toronto Public Health. At this point, short walks in our neighbourhood for exercise and fresh air are still viable options if we adamantly physically distance. All suggested activities will align with physical distancing. We are also mindful that staying inside may become necessary. At that point our activities will be relevant to that situation. There are plenty of ways that we can connect with nature just outside our window. We feel that maintaining a relationship with the natural world is just as important now ….and perhaps even more so.